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This is the the page for Robbins Studios.
Who we are: Artists in many medium. We work in photography, paint, illustration, film and graphic design to name a few.

This page is designed to update people of what we are up to and showcase our work.

If you want to just see our art we have posted here "click" the "OURARTWORK" button and enjoy!
Chloe Lynn NSFW

Chloe Lynn NSFW

Ruby Riot pin-up

Model: Paige

My shoot with Paige in Boston Common

Usagi Maid. 

Enchanted Cupcake Cosplay had a maid outfit and with her Usagi wig she came up with this on the spot. A fun little crossover. 

Queenie’s pin-up photoshoot we did together. 

Love working with her. I hope to again soon. 

A quick impromptu shoot with Leeleethebunny shot after our Janna shoot. No specific character, just a kind of dark elf. Having fun and enjoying working together. 

Three is the magic number.

As in, three photos from our Shoot with Leeleethebunny.

"Do not be captivated by Janna’s beauty. Like the wind, she is one gust away from terrible destruction." 
- from Janna lore on the League Of Legends page.

Leeleethebunny's cosplay of Janna from League of Legends. 

Shot at the Norris Reservation in MA. 

Sorry for being so quiet lately. 

Hitgirl photoshoot with Queenie’s Cosplay shot at Wizard World Philly 2014

@courtneywalland #hitgirl #kickass #wizardworldphilly #thebird

@courtneywalland #hitgirl #kickass #wizardworldphilly #thebird

A Huge Apology To The Young Lady Who Came Into My Comic Shop The Other Day



So recently we hired this new guy at my store, and he is just the worst. Slow on the register, keeps distracting the other employees, forces his way into conversations with customers, spoils books and movies for people, and that’s just the start of it….

Reblogging this because as a former Comic store manager and district manager, this shit was not tolerated at all in my stores. In fact I was proud that we had such a huge female customer base and most were young girls looking to get into comics. Everyone I employed made everyone welcome and accepted.